About Sub-Studies

As a platform for HIV and substance use-related research, mSTUDY features sub studies that address scientific questions beyond the scope of our primary aims.  Below, please find a list of our approved and active concepts.  If you would like to propose a sub study, please contact aeragsdale@mednet.ucla.edu for more information.


Name Title
Stephan Baral Assessing the relationship between stigma and engagement in HIV prevention and treatment
Susie Cassels Immigration, residential mobility, and HIV risk among minority men who have sex with men
Jessie Clark PAREDES: A Comprehensive Partner-Based Approach to HIV and STI Case-Detection for Latino MSM
Stephanie Clavijo An assessment of diabetes and hypertension prevalence and correlates of health seeking behavior in young (18-30 yo) minority MSM in the mSTUDY
Ryan Cook BMI-SUB study: The Bodyweight, Microbiome, Inflammation, and SUBstance use study
Jennifer Fulcher Comprehensive analysis of the microbiome, metabolome, and immune alterations during HIV-1 seroconversion
Pamina Gorbach HPV in young men who have sex with men
Nina Harawa HIV intervention models for criminal justice involved Black MSM
Jennifer Hsia Trends in tobacco use and sexual behaviors among MSM based on HIV serostatus
Jennifer Hsia Syndemic trends in tobacco use, other substance use, risky sexual behaviors, and mental health among MSM based on HIV serostatus
Shehnaz Hussain HIV, substance abuse, and immune biomarkers
Marjan Javanbakht Male sex work and drug use:  contexts, practices, and HIV risk
Hayoun Lee Defining HIV-1 infection specific cellular pathways using single-cell RNA sequencing
Michael Li Longitudinal associations between minority stress, sexual risk behaviors, and risk of STI infection in MSM.
Emeka Okafor Associations of mood disorder diagnosis, marijuana and drug use and inflammatory cytokines
Brendan Quinn Geographically-focused needs assessment of HIV prevention efforts: Geospatial analysis of HIV risk behaviours among men of colour who have sex with men (MCSM) in Los Angeles county
Christina Ramirez The effect of stimulant abuse, STI co-infection, and HIV on chronic inflammation and activation in various compartments in men who have sex with men
MJ Rotheram A comprehensive community-based strategy to optimize the HIV prevention and treatment continuum for youth at HIV risk, acutely infected and with established HIV infection
Steve Shoptaw Effects of alcohol in mSTUDY participants
Chelsea Shover Methamphetamine use trajectory and HIV treatment outcomes in young minority men who have sex with men
Sae Takada Time-lagged effects of homonegativity and social capital on the relationships between peers of the same racial/ethnic identity and HIV-related behaviors
Janine Trevilliyan Impact of methamphetamine use and HIV infection on cardiovascular risk