About Sub-Studies

As a platform for HIV- and substance use-related research, mSTUDY features  sub studies addressing scientific questions beyond the scope of our primary aims.  Below, please find a list of our currently funded concepts:


Principal Investigator: Jesse Lawton Clark, MD

Funding: February 2015

Status: Active

Aim 1. To map the sexual partnership and network structures of Latino MSM with HIV/STI.
Latino participants in the MASCULINE study (PIs: P. Gorbach and S. Shoptaw) newly diagnosed with HIV and/or STI will be asked to complete a survey assessing their knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices related to notification of their recent partners. Participants will be asked to provide both general information on the number and type of all their different partners during the previous 3 months, and specific characteristics of their most recent partners/partnerships (to a maximum of three partners in the 3-month time frame). Data collected will be used to assess partnership formations, sexual network systems, partner-level risk factors for HIV/STI acquisition, and network-level patterns of HIV/STI transmission among Latino MSM.

Aim 2. To explore PN attitudes, beliefs, and anticipated practices of Latino MSM with HIV/STI.
The survey will also assess knowledge, attitudes and beliefs concerning partner notification and treatment, as well as anticipated notification practices for their three most recent partners. Data will be used to assess potential incentives and barriers to notification in different partnership contexts.

Aim 3a. To pilot a comprehensive PN instrument for Latino MSM recently diagnosed with HIV/STI.
100 participants will be randomly assigned to receive either standard counseling or enhanced PN with a comprehensive PN instrument designed to help participants understand the notification contexts for their recent sexual partners and to develop a corresponding, partner-specific notification plan. A follow-up survey will be administered 7 days after enrollment to assess differences in self-reported PN between the intervention and control groups to estimate the effect of the comprehensive PN intervention on notification outcomes.

Aim 3b. To use STI re-infection biomarkers to measure the effectiveness of a pilot PN instrument. Participants in Aim 3a diagnosed with gonorrhea and/or chlamydia infection (urethral, rectal, or pharyngeal) will be re-tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia at 3- and 6-month follow-up visits. The incidence of persistent or recurrent infection will be used as a secondary measure of the effectiveness of the pilot PN instrument.